Konsta Weber

Turun vihreiden puheenjohtaja, kaupunginvaltuutettu ja yrittäjä

Konsta weber

I'm an entrepreneur and politician. By education a master of business administration and master of arts. I have founded a few companies and am the chairman at VASO Oy.


I'm a city councilman in Turku. My party is the greens. I also lead the Greens in Turku.

My vision of a better Turku is where it is even easier to be an entrepreneur in Turku, the city center flourishes with culture events, the schools are taken care of and equality is true on every level.

In politics my central interests and skills are in economics politics, entrepreneurship and culture.


Contact me: konsta.weber@gmail.com for more info or any questions as the English part is a bit brief anyway.